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Circular Summer School 2023

Muzammil Hussain

22 lug 2023

Muzammil Hussain, with his team, won the "Best proposed solution" award for Barilla challenges

Circular Summer School 2023 was organized at the University of Padova from 17 to 22 July 2023. Other than teaching activities the hackathon activity by the Barilla Group with help of TONDO LAB was arranged where different teams raised pitches on the same industrial challenge (Sustainable Food Systems for Management of Leftover Mixture of Different Sauces).

Muzammil Hussain was leading team RESAUCE-DIVERSITY along with four other doctoral students from the University of Padova Italy, the University of Milan Bicocca, and the University of Cambridge England. Team RESAUCE-DIVERSITY raise the pitch on Hydrothermal Extraction for Sustainable Food Waste Conversion into Value added. The proposed technology provides green extraction of chemicals and also provides a solution to close the cycle inside the industry without hazardous waste. After rising the pitch in front of a panel from the Barilla Group the team RESAUCE-DIVERSITY has won the first award as the best proposed solution for Barilla industrial challenge.

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